Based in Napa, Michelle is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience delighting her clients. Be it wine industry/hospitality marketing shoots, food & drink promotional images, or corporate events, Michelle will show your business in the best light by pairing fine-art technical expertise with her unique documentary style.


Hi, I’m Michelle, and I have the best job in the world (well, gourmet food critic and Terry Gross might beat it - but just barely). Living and working as a photographer in Napa is truly a dream, and that shows in my photography. The food, the landscape, the wine! I pinch myself every day.

My clients call it the MW experience. I am fun and friendly while still being professional and willing to do just about anything to get the right shot. I pride myself on delivering the highest quality images that show-off my clients in their best light.

So if you need someone to shoot that next corporate event, collaborate on your marketing materials, or show off your latest culinary creations, I’m in! (As long as we get to eat the food afterward.)

In addition to my professional work, I have had the good fortune to travel the world photographing in some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking, and inspiring locations. Ask me about them the next time I see you.

Wondering where the name, PhotoBaco comes from?
Spanish translation for BACCHUS. The god of the harvest, winemaking, and frivolity in ancient Roman mythology.


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